Zoom to Success Membership has launched!

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This week we had our first Zoom to Success group class and I LOVED it! ❤️

The theme was proximity. We talked about what it is, why you need it and of course we played some games to grow it!

It was great to see the dogs improving, even during the class.
Here are just some of the wins and takeaways members experienced:

🌟 One member loved playing the games as she could see how they are going to help teach her dog better habits on a walk.

🌟 Another member was playing Proximity Vortex for the first time and found her dog was returning quicker and quicker as they played!

🌟 The dogs were demonstrating a really good understanding of their marker cues.

🌟 Several of the members discovered ways that they could tweak their handling to get greater success for their dogs.

🌟 Across the whole class there were some really great observations about how the dogs were playing.
The Zoom to Success group classes are 1 hour long sessions held online using Zoom. They're recorded so you can catch up if you miss the live class, or go back and watch them if you need a reminder of something that happened during the class.

You get access to these classes when you are a member of either the Zoom to Success or VIP Club memberships.

If you'd like to join us for our next online class, find out how to become a member here: https://www.sussexcanines.co.uk/memberships

Plus see what other great training resources you get access to as part of your membership!

I hope to see you on a zoom soon!
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