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Here's a list of products I use and love.

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JR Products Paté

These tubes of paté are great high value treats. They are firm enough to be cut into cubes, and also soft enough to be spread onto a lick mat or in a Kong.

A great option for dogs with a sensitive tummy or on an elimination diet as they are all single protein flavours.

Not going to use the whole tube in 3 days? No worries, just cut the treats into pieces, bag them into 3 day portions and freeze!

Fish 4 Dogs Super Star Training Treats

I like these because they are a handy small size and reasonable smelly for a dry treat. 

Depending on your dog's preference, these can work as a nice mid-level treat.

Natures Menu Treats

These meaty treats are a real favourite at Sussex Canines HQ. 

Great for loose lead walking as they are smelly enough to keep your dog's interest and easy to break up. For those of you with taller dogs, you can just let them nibble on the treat as they maintain the behaviour you want to reward.



I love these toys and so do my dogs!

Reserve them for playing with your dog, don't leave them around to be chewed or ignored. 

I'm a particular fan of the bungee range for strong tuggers and the fabric frisbees!

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Food toys / activities


The classic Kong can be a long lasting, calm activity for your dog when paired with food. 

The colours denote the firmness of the rubber, and are suitable for dogs at different life stages:

  • Blue or pink - Puppy
  • Red - Adult   These are the ones we use for scent work!
  • Black - Adult who is a strong chewer
  • Purple - Senior

K9-Calm Mat

Lick mats are another great calming activity for your dog. Spread with wet food or something like Fish4Dogs mousse.

It's best to supervise your dog to make sure they just lick the food, and don't try to chew up the mat!

Zogoflex Toppl

A great alternative to a Kong.

The Toppl is useful for dogs who find Kongs a little too challenging, as the wider opening makes it easier to get the food out. 

You can also pop them in the dishwasher to clean them, which is always a bonus!



A-OK9 have a variety of supplements, depending on what your dog needs. I love them as they are all safe to use with each other and come in powder form. No need to struggle getting your dog to take a tablet, just mix with food!

We've had particularly AMAZING results with Plaque-K9!

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Walking Equipment

Perfect Fit Harness

A great Y-shaped harness that allows free shoulder movement. It comes in 3 sections, which are purchased separately, allowing you to size up as your dog grows without buying a whole new harness.

It also fastens around the neck, so great for dogs who don't like harnesses that go over their head. The front and back clip give extra options when distinguishing between training walks and general walks.

Perfect Fit Lead

A double ended lead to be used with the Perfect Fit harness. 

The double ended lead I use at the moment came from another company who are no longer trading. If it wears out I'll get one from Perfect Fit so it matches my dog's harness!



These beds are great for boundary games as they have a clearly defined area. 

Plus, with all of the different toppers, you can create a bed that suits your dog and your decor!

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