UK Sniffer Dogs Training

Would you like to take on a new challenge with your dog?

Turn your pet dog into a sniffer dog!

No matter where you are on your dog training journey, now is the perfect time to add in some scent work and keep building on the great bond you have with your dog.

Dogs of all ages, abilities and breed are welcome!
Scent work is the ideal solution for you if: 

 You’d like to increase your bond with your dog.
 Your dog is recovering from injury or surgery.
 You’d like a fun new challenge with your dog.
 You struggle to tire your dog out, even with lots of physical exercise.
 You’d like to channel your dog’s love of sniffing into something more constructive.
 You’re looking for an activity to enrich your dog’s life that they can do on lead.
 You’d like to keep your dog mentally active after retiring from sports such as agility or flyball.
Carrying out a chair search
Scent detection training has long been widely used across the world, for working and operational services. Our amazing dogs have been used to search for drugs, bombs, firearms, cash, contraband & missing people.

Even more amazing, in recent years dogs are being used for assistance purposes. Medical alert (diabetes & epilepsy) and medical detection, such as detecting cancer cells in humans... WOW!

We aim to give owners the skills to train and take part in scent training activities with their dogs, just like the working “Sniffer Dogs”!

Starting from the very beginning, these UK Sniffer Dogs sessions are a perfect introduction into the world of scent work for you and your dog. You'll be learning how to teach your dog to locate and indicate (show you) where pieces of KONG are hidden. 
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Tire out your dog’s brain so they don’t get up to mischief.
10 minutes of sniffing is as tiring as an hour-long run.
Scientifically proven, sniffing releases happy endorphins.
Suitable for puppies, older dogs, dogs in recovery, nervous dogs etc.
Mindfulness for dogs! It gives stressed or anxious dogs something to focus on.
Amazing workshop and so brilliant to teach our puppy other ways to be stimulated. Can't wait for the next level!” - Bronze Series 1 attendee
You dog's sense of smell is so sensitive, they could detect half a teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic-sized swimming pool!

UK Sniffer Dogs levels

BRONZE Series 1 Workshop
In these sessions we introduce your dog to the scent they are going to be searching for (red KONG), start to work on their indication (telling you where the scent is) and get them searching! They’ll be searching scent pots and chairs in this workshop.

BRONZE Series 2 Workshop
*You must complete Series 1 before being able to take Series 2.*

n these sessions we build on the skills developed in Series 1 and increase the difficulty of the searches. We will also be introducing bag and vehicle searches.

BRONZE Series 1 & 2 Course
In this 6 week course, made up of 50 minute sessions at the same time each week, we cover the content of both Series 1 & 2. On the final week we will have a mock search trail as well! You will receive a KONG and scent tin kit when booking this course.

Doggy bag

With every workshop you attend, you get a free doggy bag filled with goodies!

Design & contents of bag may vary.
Gemma ran a really informative and fun workshop. My dog and I learnt so much from this course and have lots of ideas of things to practice at home.” - Bronze Series 1 attendee
Hi I’m Gemma, owner of Sussex Canines.

It’s my passion to help dog owners get the training success they desire through reward-based training.  

As a UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Instructor, I'm able to offer both Series 1 & Series 2 Bronze level workshops and courses.
“Training with Gemma has been the most positive, informative and fun way to spend time with my dog. Scout and I have loved every minute of our training journey - from puppy foundation classes to scent work classes - I have learnt so much. You could not find a more positive, friendly, calm and totally dog-mad trainer who will help you every step of the way to bond and have fun with your dog. Highly recommended.” - Nita

Training Dates

The first 3 people to book onto each workshop will receive a free KONG in their doggy bag! 
The first 3 people to book onto each course with the discount code will get 10% off!


Start Date: Saturday 20th April
Time: 10am - 10.50am
: Field for Dogs
Price: £90
(6 weeks)
Continuation classes open to clients who have completed a UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze level workshop or course.


Start Date: Saturday 20th April
Time: 11am - 11.50am
: Field for Dogs
Price: £90
(6 weeks)
Continuation classes open to clients who have completed a UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze level workshop or course.


Start Date: Thursday 2nd May
Time: 7pm - 7.50pm
: Field for Dogs
Price: £125
6 week course ideal for beginners to scent work. No class on 30th May.


Date: Sunday 12th May
Time: 10am - 2pm
: Field for Dogs
Price: £80
One day workshop ideal for beginners to scent work.


Date: Friday 14th June
Time: 1pm - 5pm
: Field for Dogs
Price: £80
One day workshop ideal for beginners to scent work.


Start Date: Thursday 11th July
Time: 7pm - 7.50pm
: Field for Dogs
Price: £125
6 week course ideal for beginners to scent work. 
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“The workshop was brilliantly run and we had a great time - learned so much and look forward to our next one!” - Bronze Series 1 attendee 

Frequently asked questions

Is this suitable for puppies?

Yes! Dogs of all ages can benefit from scent work. The only requirement for attending classes is that your dog is fully vaccinated.

My dog is an older adult, can they still take part?

Yes! Scent work is particularly great for dogs who are no longer able to be as physically active as they once were as their brains will be doing all the hard work. There’s no need for them to run or navigate any obstacles and all exercises will be adapted to suit their ability.

What do I need to bring?

I’ll provide all of the scent work equipment so all you really need are some treats, water and your dog! Although you may want to bring a bed for your dog and a chair or blanket for you to sit on. There will be short breaks during the sessions for you to have some food & drink if you wish. A full list will be provided upon booking.

Can I bring someone with me?

Absolutely! Multiple family members are welcome to attend the workshop together. Due to the length of workshops it’s not recommended to bring young children. Maximum 4 people per dog.

Is there any difference in the content between the 1-day and 2-day workshops?

No, the content is the same for both the 1-day and 2-day workshops. The 1-day workshop is a single 4 hour session, whereas the 2-day workshop is split into 2 x 2 hour sessions.

Where will the workshops take place?

The workshops will take place in the barn at Southdowns Unleashed. It’s located just off the A27 near Falmer. Full address and directions will be provided upon booking.
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