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Monthly Memberships

Is your dog training lacking momentum? Choose one of our flexible membership options and get ongoing support for you and your dog.
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Do you want a way to keep your dog training regularly topped up?

Perhaps you want to train with us, but you can't join a course due to work or other commitments?

Or maybe you just live too far away?

With our range of new memberships, there's sure to be a solution that works for you!

Why choose a membership?

Life can get in the way sometimes, and it can be easy to let your dog's training take a back seat.
With a membership from Sussex Canines you can fit training in around other commitments.

You'll get instant access to a growing collection of training resources, which you can work through in your own time.

Make use of weekly accountability check-ins via our Facebook groups to push your training forwards.

Plus get access to Pro Dog Trainer, Gemma, to get your training questions answered.

Training Library

Train when it suits you
50+ online resources at your fingertips:
  • Videos of games & exercises
  • training plans
  • Answers to common questions
  • New resources each month
  • 10% off 1-2-1 sessions

Very Important Pups Club

In person group class for VIPs
Includes Training Library plus:
  • Guaranteed place in a 45 minute, in person group class
  • Variety of class locations, including out and about practise
  • Exclusive VIP Library of resources
  • 15% off 1-2-1 sessions
Here’s why I'm qualified to help you get the training success you dream of.

My name is Gemma and I share my life with two Hungarian Vizslas (plus some humans!). 

Having loved dogs from an early age, I have been shadowing and helping out in dog training classes since I was a teenager.
Since then I have gone on to gain certifications with ​​the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training, British College of Canine Studies and the Dog Training College. 

In 2020 I became a certified Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs, also passing their Geek (dog behaviour) course a few months later.

I keep my learning up to date with a membership to the Pro Dog Trainer Club and I attend regular online meetings with other trainers to discuss case studies.
I’ve enrolled in a range of other courses from various sources, all of which promote reward-based training methods.

I put a huge amount of time into my own education, and surround myself with a network of other amazing trainers, so that I’m in the best place to support you. 

My clients mean the world to me. If you choose to train with me, know that I'll be with you, cheering you on, every step of the way.

Training Library

£9 / month
That's less than 30p a day!
The Training Library currently holds a collection of over 50 training resources including:

 Written and video notes showing you how to play the games that are the heart of how we train. 
  Guides on how to choose the right games for your struggle.
 Written and video notes on how to teach behaviours such as sit, down & rollover.
 Top tips for common training struggles including, loose lead walking and recall.
 A Q&A section. You provide the questions and I'll provide the answers!

You'll get automatic access to all new Training Library content as it grows each month!

Who the Training Library is ideal for

The Training Library is ideal for you if:
 You're self motivated and great at taking independent action.
 You're looking for game ideas to play with your dog.
 You want to increase your bond with your dog.
 You have a busy schedule meaning your dog training needs to fit around other commitments.

Who the Training Library is NOT for

The Training Library would not suit you if:
 You need help solving serious behavioural problems.
 You aren't committed to reward-based training.
 You expect instant results.

Very Important Pups Club

£29 / month
That's less than £1 a day!
When you join our VIP Club you get:
 Access to everything in the awesome Training Library.
  A guaranteed place in a 45 minute in person class each month.
 Access to an exclusive VIP Library of resources.

These classes will be based in our usual training barn, with some occasional trips out and about in the local area.

Note: This membership level is available to clients who have been training with us for a minimum of 4 months. 
Spaces are limited so contact me if you'd like to join!

Who the VIP Club is ideal for

The VIP Club is ideal for you if:
 You want regular training practise with other dogs.
 You continue to train your dog for the love of it.
 You live in or near Mid Sussex, or are happy to come here once a month!
 You want to train with other like-minded dog owners.

Who the VIP Club is NOT for

The VIP Club would not suit you if:
  You haven't completed at least 4 months training with us.
 You don't want to have fun when training your dog.
 You aren't committed to practising outside of class times.

Cancel at any time - hassle free

If at any point you want to move to a lower membership level or cancel all together, you can!

I'm not here to lock you in to a long-term contract. I believe 100% in the value that each and every one of my memberships provides, but if they're not for you, that's ok!
Membership T&Cs

- Your membership will become active on the date of your first payment and will renew on the same day each month.
- You will only have access to resources included in your membership whilst you have an active subscription.
- You can cancel your membership at anytime via your 'My Account' section. You will retain access to the benefits of the membership plan until your next monthly renewal date. I.e. You'll have access to the Training Library and any classes (if relevant) that take place up until your renewal date, not the month of renewal. 
- We don't offer refunds on memberships, however you can cancel your membership at anytime to halt future payments.
- We reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time. E.g. disruptive in class, abusive to trainer or participants.
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