Women Only Sessions

For many women, social situations can be a source of anxiety. A place where they feel exposed or where they feel they might be judged. And this can be especially true in learning environments, where they may already be feeling vulnerable due to lack of knowledge or skills.

As someone who suffers from anxiety I know this feeling well. 

It’s why building my clients up to feel confident in class, to be able to ask questions, to try a new game out even though they don’t know how it will go, is so important to me.

It’s what they need to succeed. To be the best handlers they can be and to help their dogs be the best they can be.
I promise you, Sussex Canines is not a place of judgement. It doesn’t matter how badly your dog behaves in class (I bet it’s not as terrible as you think!) I only want to help you and your dog. 

Helping women like you with their dog training struggles is my absolute passion and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to succeed, which is how these sessions came about!

You just have to look at all of the women-only exercise classes or gyms available now. If women find it more comfortable to attend these, then why not dog training classes too?
Sharing your life with a dog who is experiencing training struggles can not only be stressful, but also isolating. 

In these sessions I want to help you move forward with your dog’s training in a safe space with other women who either are, or have been, where you are now so you know you aren’t alone. 

Perhaps you’re a stay at home Mum and want a chance to talk to some adults? You wouldn’t be the first person to tell me it’s one of the reasons they have enjoyed coming to classes! 

Maybe you don’t mind mixed classes but fancy taking part in one or more of the sessions because the topics or timings are what you’re looking for.

It doesn’t matter why you’d prefer to attend one of the women only sessions, if you would like to join us, then do! 

p.s. Male dogs are welcome to join 🤣


All workshops are 1.5 hours long (with a short break in the middle) followed by an optional 20 minute social for the humans.

All sessions will take place in the barn at Southdowns Unleashed, just off the A27 near Falmer.

Your dog doesn’t need to be perfect around other dogs and people, however they do need to be comfortable in a group setting (e.g. will take food) and be physically fit. 

If you’re unsure, feel free to drop me an email or book a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss your dog’s suitability.
Recall SOS

Date: Friday 21st April
Time: 10am - 11.50am
A selection of my favourite games to help build a solid recall.

Monthly Classes

£15 each

             These 50 minute classes run once a month on a Saturday morning. Each class will have a training theme in mind so you can sign up to classes that target areas you'd like to work on, or join us every month for a general training boost!

You can find the details of upcoming classes below. Where training themes have not yet been set, I'm open to suggestions so feel free to email me areas you'd like to work on and I can schedule them in!


Date: 9am, 8th June 2024 
Theme: Proximity
Location: Field for Dogs


Date: 9am, 27th July 2024 
Theme: Scent work
Location: Field for Dogs


Date: 9am, 17th August 2024 
Theme: Impulse control
Location: Field for Dogs
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