Sussex Canines at

Southdowns Unleashed

All Sussex Canines' clients attending training at Southdowns Unleashed must abide by both the class rules and Southdowns Unleashed's T&C's.

How to get to the barn

The classes will be taking place in the barn at Southdowns Unleashed.

The address is: Balmer Farm, Brighton Road, Lewes. BN7 3JN

Access to the farm is off of the A27 between Falmer and Lewes. There is no slip lane for the turning so you will need to slow right down. 

I found the easiest way to locate the turning is to get into the left hand lane after passing the Falmer junction (going East towards Lewes). There is a footpath on the side of the road with a solid barrier. The barrier ends and is replaced by bollards (I’d start slowing down at this point). The point where these bollards end, marks the turning. 

The turning is to the left of the white van in the image below.
After turning off of the A27 follow the road straight up the hill until you reach some houses and farm buildings. The Barn will be on your left.

What to do when you arrive


Please park in the areas indicated on the map above ensuring that you don’t block access to any of the surrounding fields.

Toileting your dog

Try to arrive with enough time to give your dog a chance to toilet before entering the barn. Please note that this is a working farm so don’t enter any of the surrounding fields, even if they appear empty. There is an area of wood chip to the left of the barn entrance which is a favourite spot for my dogs!

Dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times when moving around the farm.

Entering the barn

I’ll open up the door and let you know when the barn is ready for you to enter. Please enter one at a time giving the other dogs around you space, as doorways are areas that can lead to excitability.

Other attendees

My advice is to not let your dog interact with any of the other dogs attending the class, especially if getting your dog’s attention is something you struggle with. We want for YOU to be the best thing in your dog’s world and the more fun they have with other people or dogs, the harder this will be for you.

If you do choose to let your dog say hello to others, ensure you ask permission from the owner of the other dog prior to approaching and keep interactions short (3 seconds is plenty).

Southdowns Unleashed T&C's

* The use of the facilities is entirely at your own risk. 
* The field is available to be booked for exclusive use for a 55 minute session (allowing for 5 minute turnaround. Bookings can be shared- additional fees may apply. 
* All sessions must be booked in advance. 
* All dog mess MUST be cleared up- failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave and potentially the forfeit of future bookings. 
* Please be respectful of the environment- we only offer waste disposal for dog mess that is bagged in bio-degradable bags. Any non-biodegradable bags must be taken home with you and be disposed of accordingly. 
* Dogs with diarrhoea, sickness, kennel cough or ANY contagious disease MUST NOT be brought onto the premises. 
* Please remember that this is a working farm and care must be taken at all times. Please keep your dogs under control and away from livestock at all times. 
* All dogs must be on leads until they are within the designated areas. 
* Please wear suitable footwear as the path to get to the field and within the field may be un-even and could become slippery/muddy in extreme weather conditions. Regrettably we are presently unable to accommodate wheelchair access to the field. 
* Care must be taken within the field and the path leading to the field as the wildlife are present we cannot be responsible for any damage they do to underfoot conditions. 
* Please note that the field may contain wildlife at any time- it is recommended that dogs are vaccinated accordingly. 
* You remain responsible for your dog at all times we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever, to you, your dog or any one else as a result of your dog or otherwise. You MUST have adequate third-party insurance.
 * It is strongly recommended that your dog is insured for injury we cannot be held responsibility for any injury which may occur. 
* We cannot take responsibility for any, loss, damage or theft to your vehicle or your property. 
* It is suggested you arrive promptly for your session- you will not be able to over run to the next session. 
* If you need to cancel your session, please give as much notice as possible. Cancelations less than 24 hours before your session will be charged at full price. Refunds will only be made if we are able to fill your time slot. 
* Many dogs which use these spaces have behavioural issues- please be respectful and DO NOT approach any dog which you don’t know. 
* Please keep to all designated waiting areas and do not allow your dogs to approach other dogs. 
* The field cannot be guaranteed to be dog proof- although every precaution has been made. If you see a hole or weakness in the fence, please report to a member of the team. 
* It is strongly recommended that you walk the perimeter of the field before allowing dogs off the lead. 
* You may bring a trainer or behaviourist with you. 
* We reserve the right to ask you to leave the premises and terminate your session and or forfeit any future bookings if we feel that you have/are mistreating any dog whilst using the facility. 
* Please do not allow your dogs to dig holes in the field or cause intentional damage to equipment. 
* Please report any damage to equipment etc immediately to a member of the team. 
* Dogs must be supervised at all times. 
* Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult and supervised at all times whilst on the premises. 
* You are permitted to bring food onto the field and barn but you must ensure all litter/waste is taken with you. 
* By using either the barn and field it is accepted that you have read and agreed to the terms of use. 
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