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Reliable Recall

Everything you need to know to build a reliable recall, in a self-paced online course.
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Do you feel anxious about letting your dog off their lead, but want to give them more freedom?

Perhaps your dog is okay until there are other people or dogs around, and then their recall goes out of the window?

Maybe your dog simply runs off and goes deaf as soon as their lead comes off?

Or have you just brought a puppy home and want to get it right from the start?

Then read on!
Imagine what it would feel like to have the confidence to let your dog run off lead.

To have the freedom to walk in a wide variety of places, knowing your dog will come back when called.

To have your dog actually listen to you out on a walk, and for you to feel like you’re in control.
With this course you’ll be able to:

 Teach your dog fun games to develop the skills they need for a great recall

 Understand how to work through difficulty levels and set your dog up for success

 Make yourself into the best thing in your dog’s world so it’s easy for them to choose YOU

 Identify what lights your dog up so you can bring that joy to your training

 Learn about common recall problems so that you know how to tackle or avoid them

By the end of this course you’ll have all of the knowledge, and steps, you need to progress your dog to the off lead freedom that you both desire.
With this course you will get:

 Instant access so you can start your dog’s recall transformation straight away

 Access to the mini-course, 'How to become more interesting to your dog!'

 Videos and written explanations of the games

 Worksheets to help you apply the learning to your dog

 Continued access so you can work through the course at your own pace

 Access to a supportive Facebook group of likeminded dog owners

 15% discount on an online 1-2-1 session with Gemma

New to Sussex Canines?

Here’s why I'm qualified to help you get the off lead freedom of your dreams.

My name is Gemma and I share my life with two Hungarian Vizslas (plus some humans!). 

Having loved dogs from an early age, I have been shadowing and helping out in dog training classes since I was a teenager.
Since then I have gone on to gain certifications with ​​the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training, British College of Canine Studies and the Dog Training College. 
In 2020 I became a certified Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs, also passing their Geek (dog behaviour) course a few months later.

I keep my learning up to date with a membership to the Pro Dog Trainer Club and I attend regular online meetings with other trainers to discuss case studies.
I’ve enrolled in a myriad of other courses from various sources, all of which promote reward-based training methods.
I put a huge amount of time into my own education, and surround myself with a network of other amazing trainers, so that I’m in the best place to support you.
My clients mean the world to me. If you choose to train with me, know that I'll be with you, cheering you on, every step of the way.


 I have loved training with Sussex Canines. Gemma was the perfect tutor to help me settle my rescue pup into her new home, and we built a great bond together whilst learning numerous skills that have proven invaluable in the months since. Sussex Canines comes highly recommended!  
Jen Weller
 I have been training with Gemma since our wirehaired vizsla pup was 4 months old. First on zoom during lockdown and later in group classes. I am happy with her rewards based approach to training. I have been so impressed with how knowledgeable and supportive she is and that she will always go the extra mile to help you and your dog if you encounter problems along the way. I thoroughly recommend Gemma as a trainer.  
Nadine Feinson

Are you ready to get that reliable recall you’ve been dreaming of?

Reliable Recall Online Course
Note: This course includes access to our mini course, 'How to become more interesting to your dog!'

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