Homemade fish dog treats - in 5 minutes!

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These are my go-to treats when I need to whip up something fast! It’s easy to keep a few tins of fish in the cupboard ready in case you need them.

Great as high value rewards as the smelly fish will get your dog’s attention. Once cooked, the treats hold their shape well and aren’t crumbly.

With only 3 ingredients, this simple recipe is ideal if you’d like to make your own dog treats, but you don’t know where to start. 



Step 1: Drain & mash the fish

If possible, use fish in spring water as brine has a high salt content which isn’t ideal for your dog.

Drain the water from the tin and place the fish in a bowl. Use a fork to mash or flake the fish.

Step 2: Add the egg

Mix in 1 egg to the fish.

If your dog has an intolerance to chicken, you may want to use a duck egg instead.

Step 3: Add the flour

Add enough flour to bring the mixture together into a loose batter. This is usually around 1 tbsp. 

I use plain gluten free flour as it’s what I have in the cupboard, however other flours should work fine. The only one I have found so far which doesn’t work is coconut flour as the mixture doesn’t hold together.

Step 4: Microwave

Place the mixture into a microwavable container, until it’s roughly 1cm deep (or however thick you’d like your treats to be). 

Here I've used silicone cupcake cases. Bear in mind that the fish smell does tend to linger so I've reserved some cases for only dog use!

I've found that cooking multiple, smaller cakes provides a more even bake than one large cake. 

Microwave until the mixture is firm. As a guide, these took roughly 90 secs.

Step 5: Cool

Tip the cakes out and allow them to cool.

Step 6: Cut

Cut the cakes into cubes ready for training.

Any treats left over can be stored in the fridge and used within 3 days.
I’d love to see your dog enjoying their tasty fish treats! Head over to my free Facebook group, Canine Harmony, to share pictures or videos of your dog and become part of the Sussex Canines community.
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