How to make a fleece tug in 5 easy steps

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Fleece is a great material for tug toys as it’s nice and soft on your dog’s teeth, it doesn’t fray and it’s washable!

I've added the sizes I used as a guide, but feel free to adjust this to make a toy that is a suitable size for your dog. 

This toy took me less than 10 mins to make so it's an easy make you can create while your pup is snoozing!
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Step 1

Cut 3 strips of fleece

I cut mine to 50cm x 5cm. 

I used some polar fleece fabric that I had leftover from making a snuffle ball.

If you want to check out how to make one of those, head on over to this blog post for the instructions. 

Step 2

Tie a knot at one end

Leave a little extra fleece at the end and pull the knot as tight as you can.

Step 3

Plait the fleece

Try to keep the plait fairly tight. Don't plait it all the way to the end.

Make sure you leave enough fleece to tie a knot at the end.

Step 4

Tie a knot at the other end

I found it easier to twist the fleece to make it nice and tight before trying to tie the knot. 

Step 5

Trim the ends

Not a vital step, but I think it gave the toy a nice finish before my dog tried to destroy it!

The finished toy ended up being roughly 33cm long.
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