Bringing your new puppy home

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You’ve done your research and found a puppy from a great breeder or you’re rescuing a puppy - now it’s time to bring your new puppy home! Here are some tips to help everything go as smoothly as possible.
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Get your home ready

Before you go to pick up your puppy, make sure things such as electricity cables, house plants and remote controls are out of reach.

Get a puppy collar

Remember a dog must have an identification tag when in a public place so you should put one on puppy’s collar for the journey home. Legally, the tag only needs to have your name and address (including postcode), but a telephone number is also advisable.

Pick your cues

Decide on the cues you are going to use before bringing your puppy home. Everyone needs to be consistent if your puppy is going to learn what each cue means.


Each dog will have their preference as to what sort of toy they prefer so offer a selection. Possibilities include: a ball, soft toy, squeaky toy, rope toy or hard chew toy. Find out what your puppy likes the most! 

Bring a blanket

Ask your breeder or the rescue for a blanket to take home with you, or if you can give them a blanket to put in with the puppies before you bring yours home. The familiar smell of its litter mates will be comforting to your puppy during this massive change.

Pack a clean up kit

There’s a strong chance your puppy may have an accident or be sick during the car ride home so it’s best to be prepared! 

When you get home

As soon as you get home take your puppy outside to his/her toileting area. Ideally keep them out there until they wee and then tell them how completely wonderful they are!

If they do have an accident inside don’t tell them off, just calmly clear it up using a cleaner designed to neutralise the urine smell to avoid them going there again in the future.

Night time

Don't leave them alone on their first night (or for several after that either). Your puppy will have been used to the warmth, comfort and sounds of their litter mates so being on their own will be very scary. Staying with them will give them comfort and help them to adjust to their new life with you.

Food changes

Your breeder or the rescue should send you home with some of the food your puppy is used to. They will be experiencing lots of change at this time, so try to be consistent with their food until they have settled.

Have fun!

You might be a bit sleep deprived, have a few injuries from those razor sharp puppy teeth or be wondering why you decided to bring this cheeky monster home. It’s all perfectly normal and things will settle as you get to know each other and build your bond. Enjoy your puppy as they really do grow up so fast. 
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