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I am always on the lookout for new additions to my growing collection of dog books and today I bought one that I think every dog owner could find useful.
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Doggie Language

Doggie Language by Lili Chin is a guide to dog body language. Through clear illustrations and easy to read bullet point lists, Chin explains how our dogs may look when feeling specific emotions.

In many of the illustrations examples of different breeds and body types are shown to help the reader identify the signs in their own dog, no matter whether they have a straight tail, curly tail or no tail at all!
Do you know what your dog looks like when they are unsure of something?

Or what to look out for when your dog is playing with another dog to ensure that they are both having a good time?

Great for children

This book would be an ideal way to help children understand their furry best friend, in particular to help them identify when a dog may need some space. A wagging tail isn’t the only sign to be looking out for!

In short

Doggie Language may be small in size, but it delivers a whole lot of value. I believe that every dog owner could benefit from having a copy on their bookshelf.

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