10 ways to entertain your dog without leaving your house

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Just to be clear I'm not saying that you should never take your dog out! 

However there will be occasions when you can't, or it isn't in your dog's best interests right now, such as:

- If your dog is recovering from surgery / an injury
- If you are unwell, or having to isolate due to covid
- If your dog has a full bucket and they need time to decompress
- Or if it's POURING outside and it wouldn't be enjoyable for you or your dog.

There are so many fun things you can do with your dog right in your living room!

In no particular order, here are 10 things we love to do at Sussex Canines HQ on a rainy day.

1. Boundary games

You can never play too many boundary games! Whether your dog is just starting out and learning that their boundary is a great place to be. Or you’re able to add in extra distractions while they stay on their boundary, this is a great calm activity to play.

2. Find it

Hide a treat or a toy and then send your dog to find it! If they are new to this game, start off with some easy finds and let your dog watch where you hide the treat or toy. Once they get the hang of it you can hide items in a different room for them to find.

3. Cuddles

If your dog enjoys a nice snuggle, why not grab a blanket and listen to the rain together. 

4. Retrieve

You don’t need to go outside to work on your dog’s retrieving skills. In fact I like to have an informal retrieve session with my dogs every day in our living room.

Throw a toy, let your dog get it and have a party when they bring it back to you! If you’d like to, you can add in some more formal elements such as a wait and sit on return.

5. Snuffle Ball

Fill it with treats and let your dog have fun getting them all out! This is a lovely little confidence boost for your dog too when they work out how to get to the treats.
If you’d like to make a snuffle ball for your dog check out this how to guide!

6. Practising a known skill

An ideal way to tire a dog out is to work their brain. A simple brain workout would be to practise skills or behaviours your dog already knows well. 

This doesn’t need to be for a long time. Training sessions that last for around 3 minutes at a time are ideal.

7. Learning a new skill

If you wanted to give your dog a more complex challenge, why not teach them a new skill? No matter your dog’s age, they can always learn something new! 

Here are some ideas to try:
 Play bow (front half of body to the floor with their bum in the air)
 Left / Right spins
 Leg weaves
 Dropping a toy into a cardboard box

8.  Treats in a blanket

This is a quick and easy enrichment challenge for your dog. Get some yummy treats, scatter them on a flat blanket and then roll or fold the blanket up.

I love to see how dogs approach this challenge - do they gently unroll the blanket or just pick it up and shake the treats out?!

9. Game of tug

Both of my girls LOVE to tug and we often pair it with some informal retrieves to help build the desire to get the toy and bring it back!

Want some great quality tug toys? Check out our favourite brand → Tug-e-Nuff

10. Long lasting chew

A good chew is a great way for your dog to get rid of some excess energy and it’s part of our day every day here at Sussex Canines HQ.
Perhaps you need a training boost and don't feel like leaving the house? Then I have the perfect solution for you.

Schedule an online 1-2-1 with me! In these sessions I can get to know you and your dog and work out a training plan that's designed just for you, all via zoom!
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